PacSun launches denim recycling program

 As part of this initiative, PacSun has introduced co-branded denim recycling bins in five of its retail locations across the U.S., including its Soho and Downtown Los Angeles flagships. Customers who use these bins to donate any pre-owned denim made with at least 90% cotton can receive $10 off their next PacSun Denim purchase. In regions where the bins are not available, customers can return their denim directly to store associates at any PacSun store.

PacSun and Cotton Incorporated will both be promoting the initiative on social media, across platforms including TikTok, Instagram and other channels. Ambassadors and influencers from PacSun’s ambassador program have also been enlisted to create relevant content about the launch. “As a brand dedicated to inspiring positive development with fashion, we firmly believe that small changes today will result in a better tomorrow,” said PacSun president Brie Olson in a release. “We are excited to introduce PacDenim For A Better Tomorrow as a continuation of our journey to a more sustainable future.” PacDenim For a Better Tomorrow is part of PacSun’s wider sustainability efforts, which have also seen the retailer launch a dedicated landing pace on its e-commerce platform for all PacSun Eco products. These pieces include up to 100% sustainable, recycle or organic fabrics. In September, the brand also unveiled Colour Range, its first fully dedicated gender-neutral brand, which offers eco and sustainable clothing. PacDenim For A Better Tomorrow also ties in with the retailer’s PacCares philanthropic initiative, which seeks to promote the health and well-being of young people. The Blue Jeans Go Green program was launched by Cotton Incorporated in 2006 and, aside from PacSun, other participants in the initiative include 7 For All Mankind, Ariat and Industry Standard. 

PacSun launches denim recycling program

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